Cambridgeshire launches quality of life survey to track the views of residents

As part of Cambridgeshire County Council’s vision to make Cambridgeshire greener, fairer and more caring, a countywide survey has been launched – speaking to a random sample of 5,500 residents to understand their views on the quality of their lives.

The annual survey aims to track the responses over time to see how changes to council decisions and policies, and the work of other public sector bodies in the county, affect views and to give Members vital insight when they make business decisions.

The 15 minute telephone survey – run by independent market research company Thinks Insight and their partner Team Search – aims to speak to 1,100 people aged 18+ living in each of the five Cambridgeshire district areas, broadly representing the area’s population.

The survey is published on the County Council’s website for anyone who wants to take part.

Survey activity will continue until August, allowing results to be fed back into the Council’s meetings from September onwards as Members begin to discuss priorities for the years ahead.

If you are approached the market research team’s commissioned service, Team Search will identify themselves as working on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council and will give contact details to allow people to check if they want to. No one will be asked for identifying personal details, or any financial information.